Video Tape to DVD Transfer Service

Transfer all those old video tapes to DVD, flash drive, or online media!

We are now able to convert those old mini-DV tapes to digital media, as well as VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Video-8, mini-VHS. We can also transfer audio cassette tapes!

Whether you’d like your video transferred to DVD, flash drive, SD card, emailed to you, or uploaded to youTube, we can do it any way you need it!

Physical media comes with a custom-printed label and plastic storage box.

Yreka Mailbox can transfer all of your old tapes for you.  We can transfer regular VHS, 8mm, Video8, Mini-VHS, and VHS-C size tapes, and now we have also added mini-DV and audio cassette tapes.

We are fast, efficient, and do quality work.  You will be able to play the converted digital files on your DVD/CD player or on your computer.