Get the Best Value when Shipping a Package

How to get the best value when shipping your packages and documents


There are primarily three ways to ship your box from Yreka: FedEx Express & Ground, UPS, and US Postal Service. DHL no longer picks up packages from the Yreka area, and delivers packages only via the Postal Service. Yreka Mailbox ships via all three carriers, and can provide price/service comparisons so that you can choose the best carrier for your needs.

Prices are based on destination zipcode, package dimensions, and package weight. Prices vary among carriers, and require complex calculations easier done a computer. Additional charges may be applied if the weight and/or size exceeds certain limits, if the zip code is in a rural area, and if the contents are Fragile, Oversize, High-Value, or Awkward. Signature Required, Declared Value, Items not in corrugated boxes, etc. may also affect pricing.

Specifying an accurate ship-to address is perhaps the most important and overlooked aspect of shipping. Road, Street, Avenue, Court, etc. must always be specified because many streets in an area often have the same name. Also apartment, suite, space numbers must be specified or the package will be returned to sender, often at the sender’s expense.

The shipping industry’s name for shipping insurance is “Declared Value”. For UPS and FedEx, your item is covered up to $100, included in the price of the shipping. Additional insurance is available at a cost related to the amount declared. There is no automatic insurance on packages shipped through the Postal Service. If a claim situation arises, proof-of-value will be required, along with pictures of the damaged item, packaging, and the box. So tell your recipient to save the packaging. When you insure your package, be sure to consider the packaging and shipping costs when determining the value.

Also consider the carrier’s holiday shipping schedules when shipping your package. East Coast packages can take as much as 5, 6, or even 7 Business Days to arrive. Business Days typically exclude holidays and weekends, but each carrier sets its own pickup and delivery schedule.

When you ship your package through us, in the unlikely event of loss or damage, we will take care of filing your claim with the carrier for you.