We Believe in Recycling to Help Sustain the Earth.

We accept packaging materials, cell phones, computers and parts, inkjet cartridges and toners.

Packaging materials include paper, peanuts, bubble and foam wrap, air puff-packs, and styrofoam. Please make sure they are clean, free from bugs and dirt. Please make sure all your belongings are removed from donated boxes and bags. We often cannot return items donated by mistake.

Cell phones are donated to domestic violence shelters for 911 calls.

We accept old computers and peripherals. We refurbish them and pair them with other components to make computer systems available at a negligible price for community members. It is our hope that these systems make their way to schoolchildren. We believe computer literacy is a basic skill that everyone should have in order to function in today’s society.

We also recycle inkjet cartridges and toners. See our e-recycling page for further information.