QR Code


QR Codes are not usable in Siskiyou county for shipments from Amazon, or any company. QR codes are only for Big Chain stores in big cities, such as, Ashland, or Medford, or Redding.

So choose the option to print your label. Sometimes the print option is hidden in a tiny link under the No printer No problem option they give you first.

HOWEVER!!!! if you really don’t have a printer, once you have chosen to print the label yourself you can send it to a friend, and when you send it to us at Yreka Mailbox, we will print it for you. Small fee, but better then the other option of driving 100 miles to ship a return, right? So send your label to yrekamailbox@yahoo.com and pop down to see us. We will be delighted to help you!

Happy New Year