Mailbox Application Information

Three forms are Required to Rent a Private Mail Box.

Print the 3 pdf forms below, fill them out, and return them to Yreka Mailbox along with two forms of ID, below. If you want us to forward your mail to you, also print and complete the Mail Forwarding Instruction Sheet.

Two types of identification are required. One must contain a photograph of the addressee(s). Social Security cards, credit cards, and birth certificates are unacceptable as identification.

Acceptable identification includes: valid driver’s license or state non-driver’s identification card; armed forces, government, university, or recognized corporate identification card; passport, alien registration card or certificate of naturalization; current lease, mortgage or Deed of Trust; voter or vehicle registration card; or a home or vehicle insurance policy. A photocopy of your identification will be retained by Yreka Mailbox for verification.

If you are unable to return the forms in person, please follow these instructions:

  1. Return the Mailbox Application, California Acknowledgement, and a Notarized Form 1583.
  2. Include copies of acceptable identification described above via email or fax.
  3. Rental payment should be made according to the price schedule below, and the optional forwarding fee described in the Mailbox Rental Application. Payment should be made via Paypal to Sorry, for mailbox rentals not made in person, we cannot accept checks or credit cards over the phone or internet.
  4. Call us at the number above to coordinate payment and receipt of paperwork, etc.

Please call us at the number above if you have any questions or need further clarification.

Mailbox Rental Application

PS Form 1583

California Acknowledgement

Mail Forwarding Instructions