Inside The Box


Make sure your item is fully protected inside the box!


  1. Non-fragile items (such as clothing, basketballs, or wood products) can usually be placed inside a corrugated container without added cushioning. Items should be placed in a plastic bag to keep them clean and dry in case the box gets wet during shipping.
  2. Items should not shift inside the box. Crumpled paper, bubble wrap, foam, or packing peanuts can be used to fill air spaces inside the box.
  3. Liquids and small parts such as nuts, screws, grains, or powders should be packaged separately in a tightly sealed container before being placed into the corrugated box.
  4. Sharp items should be over-wrapped before being put into the corrugated box.
  5. Items should be individually bubble-wrapped packed with at least 2” of packing material between each item and the inside wall of the box.
  6. Fragile items, such as crystal glassware or ceramic figurines, should be double-boxed (box-in-box method). The inner box should be at least 2” from the outer box on all sides and filled with packing material such as Styrofoam, packing peanuts, or bubble wrap. Styrofoam corners are available for this purpose.
  7. Artwork, such as framed pictures, stringed musical instruments, computer and electronic devices, and perishable items, especially frozen items, usually require special handling and packaging.
  8. Fragile, Large, Awkward, and High-value items (items over $500 value) also usually require special handling and packaging depending on their particular attributes.
  9. Certain items (such as grandfather clocks, LCD/Plasma TVs and Monitors, and plate glass) can be shipped with special handling and packaging, but may not be insurable because they are inherently fragile.

Once your packing is completed, you should feel comfortable dropping your item from a 3-foot height. These guidelines should be followed as closely as possible so that in the unlikely event your item is damaged, it will have a better chance of being covered by shipping insurance. No matter how carefully your item is packaged, accidents can and do occur. No amount of packaging can protect an item from being run over by a truck. It is these cases for which insurance is intended.

Yreka Mailbox has all types of packaging materials for the do-it-yourself packer. We can suggest how to pack your particular item. To make your life easier, we are available to pack your item for you. We are RSI (Retail Shipping Institute) Certified Packers, and are up-to-date on all new packaging developments thru our membership in the AMPC (Associated Mail and Parcel Centers).