eBay Consignment

Drop It Off, Get a Check!


When you drop off your item…

Your item must be in full working order, with all parts and accessories accounted for, have a minimum eBay value of $25, and be shippable by UPS.

We will conduct some online research to help estimate the value of the item. We’ll ask you for any details you have on the item, then you’ll fill out the form and choose a listing option. Once your item has been checked in, you will receive a receipt for your item.

We will:

  • Write a concise and accurate description of your item based on the information you give us
  • Take professional-quality digital pictures
  • Post the item for the standard 7 days
  • Post the photo in the eBay gallery
  • Securely store your item
  • Answer any questions a potential buyer has about the item
  • Complete the transaction and collect the payment
  • Pack and ship your sold item in a safe and professional manner
  • Send you a final accounting and a check in a timely manner.

How It Works:

  • Item is listed with a Starting or Reserve Price of your choosing.
  • $19.99 Pre-Payment Required.
  • If the item does not sell, we will re-list your item one time at no additional charge.
  • If it still does not sell, your pre-payment is not returned to you. You may pick up your item within 5 business days of notification, or we will donate the item to the charitable organization of our choosing.

Selling Fees:

Yreka Mailbox receives a progressive commission based on the item’s final price:

  • 45% of the first $200
  • 35% of the next $300 ($200.01 – $500)
  • 25% of the remaining amount (over $500.01)

Shipping Charges:

The buyer pays all the shipping, packing, boxing, handling, and insurance charges.