How to Safely Receive a Package


How to Avoid Common Pitfalls When Receiving a Package


If the shipper did not specify “signature required”, delivery options are left to the “driver’s discretion”. What this means is that it is up to the driver whether or not to leave the package at the delivery address, or return it to the hub for re-delivery or customer pickup. Generally, if the delivery address is in a “questionable neighborhood” the driver will not leave the package, because it may disappear before the intended recipient arrives to find it. Around here, since there are so many rural addresses, packages are generally left in order to save subsequent re-delivery attempts miles out.

The problem with this is that there are many places that a package can be left: by the gate, at the bottom of the driveway, at the front door (which one?) on the front porch, on the hood of the extra car, etc. Many recipients are distressed to find perishable packages left in places they never dreamed to look, days later. If this could describe your address, please leave a note to the driver directing him or her where to leave the package.

If you do not want the package, DO NOT OPEN IT! If it is unopened, you can just write REFUSED on the box and drop it off at Yreka Mailbox, or call the carrier to come pick it up, NO CHARGE! However, if your curiosity gets the better of you, and you open the package, you must pay return shipping to return the package to the sender. Sometimes this can be more than the package cost to be shipped to you.

So say you DO want the packege. Once you receive it, inspect the outside of the box: Has the tape been torn off? Has the package been squished? Are there any gouges or holes in the box? If so, have the driver note it when receiving the box. If the package has been dropped off, take pictures of the damage, and the entire box with your digital camera. Carefully open the package, taking pictures of how the item(s) were packed, and any packaging materials used. Inspect the item for damage. Take pictures of any damage to the item. Forward these pictures to the shipper; they will be needed during the claims process.

Keep the packaging. In most cases, the carrier will visit the recipient to physically inspect the damaged item, packaging, materials, and the box.

If the item has been damaged, do not contact the carrier (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc). Call the shipper. The shipper has the responsibility to file the claim with the carrier, and all damage claim payments are made to the shipper. If the package was shipped through a Shipping Center such as Yreka Mailbox or a UPS Store, that store is officially the shipper. The store should file the claim with the carrier. Shipping Centers are experienced with filing claims with the carrier and have more success securing payment. Once payment is received, they will forward it on to their customer. If the package was not shipped through a Shipping Center, the person shipping the package will have to file the claim.

The following items need to be submitted when filing a claim:

  1. Pictures of the damaged item
  2. Pictures of the box and packaging
  3. Proof of value for the item – this can be a receipt, appraisal, comparable item sold on ebay, or a statement from the manufacturer.
  4. Shipping receipt showing tracking number
  5. Repair estimate or Statement of non-repairable
  6. Additional Statements if needed

Hopefully, if the packing guidelines have been followed, your package will arrive on time in perfect condition, with no problems.