Holiday Crush – Part Two


Make sure your box is sufficiently strong to hold your items. I know it sounds like common sense, but lately the boxes and packages are damaged more often. As a result, your package has a higher likelihood of losing the package integrity and damaging your items. We order only strong shipping boxes for this purpose. Packing and boxes from retail stores have proven not to be strong enough, and thus receive too much damage during shipping.


By viewing the ‘Box Manufacturer’s Certificate’ (BMC) clearly printed on the bottom flaps, you will see the strength of the board, used to construct the box, as well as its size and weight limit.  Also viewable in the seal is the Edge-Crush-Test or Burst-Test.

Edge-Crush-Test (ECT) measures the stacking strength of corrugated cardboard boxes or fiberboard. Determining a finished box’s compression-strength is defined by the amount of force that is needed to crush cardboard by standing it on its edge. This test is also measured in lbs.- per-square-inch. For example, a box with an ECT of 32 lbs.-per-square-inch indicates that the board, standing on edge, can withstand a force of 32 lbs.-per-square-inch before crushing. ECT = distribution & transportation of boxes and their stacking strength.

Burst-Test (aka Mullen Test) is the force of pounds per square inch required to rupture – or burst – the side of a corrugated box. This method indicates the box’s ability to withstand external or internal forces, and how the box will contain its contents during rough handling. For example, a box with a burst-strength of 200 lbs.-per-square-inch, indicates that the corrugated paper used to make the box can withstand 200 lbs. of pressure-per-square-inch.- The Burst Test = containment and handling ability of a box.




Now that we told you about shipping during the holiday crush, why not come down and let us take care of all that for you! It will give you peace of mind, knowing your packages are protected, and on time to your loved ones.

Video Tape to DVD Transfer Service

Transfer all those old video tapes to DVD, flash drive, or online media!

We are now able to convert those old mini-DV tapes to digital media, as well as VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Video-8, mini-VHS. We can also transfer audio cassette tapes!

Whether you’d like your video transferred to DVD, flash drive, SD card, emailed to you, or uploaded to youTube, we can do it any way you need it!

Physical media comes with a custom-printed label and plastic storage box.

Yreka Mailbox can transfer all of your old tapes for you.  We can transfer regular VHS, 8mm, Video8, Mini-VHS, and VHS-C size tapes, and now we have also added mini-DV and audio cassette tapes.

We are fast, efficient, and do quality work.  You will be able to play the converted digital files on your DVD/CD player or on your computer.


QR Code


QR Codes are not usable in Siskiyou county for shipments from Amazon, or any company. QR codes are only for Big Chain stores in big cities, such as, Ashland, or Medford, or Redding.

So choose the option to print your label. Sometimes the print option is hidden in a tiny link under the No printer No problem option they give you first.

HOWEVER!!!! if you really don’t have a printer, once you have chosen to print the label yourself you can send it to a friend, and when you send it to us at Yreka Mailbox, we will print it for you. Small fee, but better then the other option of driving 100 miles to ship a return, right? So send your label to and pop down to see us. We will be delighted to help you!

Happy New Year


Are you tired of having your UPS/FEDEX/USPS/DHL/ONTRACK package stolen or lost from your front door or porch?

Or frustrated about dealing with endless and fruitless delivery complaints?

Or sick of tedious and lengthy recovering your missing package?

You are not alone.

Nearly one-third of American have their packages stolen in 2017, according to a news report from USA TODAY.

Fortunately, there are things your can do to keep your packages safe, especially during the Holiday Season.

Insure Your Incoming Packages

Insuring your precious holiday packages, will guarantee you reimbursement if – unfortunately your delivery was stolen or lost. Insurance will be pennies on the dollar, and the store you purchase from should offer some insurance options. It won’t stop the theft, but it will make it a little less inconvenient. You will need to contact the store you purchased from to get them to send you a new package.

Send Your Incoming Packages to a Secure Location

In Siskiyou County there is a place that will accept all your packages, and sign for them, and keep them secure while you are at work or on vacation.

This location is Yreka Mailbox and Package services. Just call and let us know your phone number and name and when you are expecting your package and we will call you and let you know it has arrived. If you don’t call in advance we won’t be expecting it, and we won’t have a way of contacting you to let you know it has arrived. We keep all packages in a secure location. You don’t have to worry about theft, dogs, inclement weather, or finding your package because the driver hid it too well.


Yreka Mailbox will help you avoid having to do things like:

Backups Made Easy!

Its easy to backup your files!

Kim here.  There’s a lot I can say about backups, but you are here because you want something quick and easy to understand.  This write-up is for beginners and I’ve tried to make it as simple as possible, and if you’d like more detail, please come in and talk to us!

I’m going to show you a simple technique for backing up your data.  It is a manual process which you will need to do whenever you think about it.  Put it on your calendar to do it once a month, or even more frequently.  If you want something fully automated, see me about setting up Carbonite, it costs about $5/month for the average user.

A backup is a fancy way of saying “a copy”.  This technique backs up (copies) only your data files.  It does not back up your Operating system (likely Windows) or any additional programs you might have installed (such as QuickBooks).  I would not expect you, as a beginner, to know how to restore your operating system!

When you backup data files, you need to know what files you want to backup (source), and where you are going to put them (target).  You will put them on some kind of external storage, such as a flash drive or an external hard drive.  We don’t really use CDs and DVDs anymore.  Which media you choose (and size you need) depends on how much data you have, and

how many generations of backups you wish to keep.  If you have a laptop, bring it in and we will assess this for you.  If you have a desktop and you have not had a tune-up for more than a year, bring it in and I will do this as part of your tune-up.  Otherwise you can determine how much data you have yourself.  Once we know how much data you have, we can recommend which size drive you need.  (Of course, bigger is always better, but more expensive.)

Whatever your backup media, plug it into your computer.

Most people store their files in My Documents, My Pictures, My Videos, My Music, etc.  Depending on your windows version, it might be called just Documents, Pictures, etc. You can go there by clicking on the little folder on your taskbar.


Next, you will see a window with folders.  Hold the “CTRL” down.  Click on those folders you wish to backup (Documents, Pictures, etc.).  You will see them highlight when you have selected them.  Press “CTRL” and c.  (c for copy)

(If you have been storing your files elsewhere, like on C:\ or on your desktop, or your QuickBooks files, you will have to specify those sources when we get ready to do the backup.  Or better yet – just move them to where they are supposed to go – My Documents, My Pictures, Etc.)

Then, on the right side of the screen you should see your target media, usually with a drive letter designation (such as D: or F; or J:).

Click on your backup drive, and then press “CTRL” and p (p for paste).

Thats it! For the first time, it will copy your files onto the backup media.  Next time, it will ask if you want to replace.  Say yes.


If you want to keep several generations back, we can show you how to do this.  There are only a couple of additional steps.  We are happy to show you this and much more.  You may want to sign up for a one-hour tutoring session, where we can answer all your computer questions.



10% off on Computers and Accessories for Current COS Students!

OMG!  10% COS Student Discount on Computers?!?!


Yreka Mailbox supports the community in all things computer, and wants to encourage learning as much as possible, so we are offering a special discount for COS Students!

This applies to all computers, and accessories such as cords, adapters, books, gadgets, tutoring, etc.  COS Students must present a valid COS Student ID and course schedule showing current enrollment.

We are always here to help with all your computer needs.