Are you tired of having your UPS/FEDEX/USPS/DHL/ONTRACK package stolen or lost from your front door or porch?

Or frustrated about dealing with endless and fruitless delivery complaints?

Or sick of tedious and lengthy recovering your missing package?

You are not alone.

Nearly one-third of American have their packages stolen in 2017, according to a news report from USA TODAY.

Fortunately, there are things your can do to keep your packages safe, especially during the Holiday Season.

Insure Your Incoming Packages

Insuring your precious holiday packages, will guarantee you reimbursement if – unfortunately your delivery was stolen or lost. Insurance will be pennies on the dollar, and the store you purchase from should offer some insurance options. It won’t stop the theft, but it will make it a little less inconvenient. You will need to contact the store you purchased from to get them to send you a new package.

Send Your Incoming Packages to a Secure Location

In Siskiyou County there is a place that will accept all your packages, and sign for them, and keep them secure while you are at work or on vacation.

This location is Yreka Mailbox and Package services. Just call and let us know your phone number and name and when you are expecting your package and we will call you and let you know it has arrived. If you don’t call in advance we won’t be expecting it, and we won’t have a way of contacting you to let you know it has arrived. We keep all packages in a secure location. You don’t have to worry about theft, dogs, inclement weather, or finding your package because the driver hid it too well.


Yreka Mailbox will help you avoid having to do things like: