BIG Computer Sale!

BIG Computer Sale


$40 off?  OMG!  The boss has gone Crazy!

The boss wants to move these computers out of inventory. So she is marking them down from their already low prices.  I was really surprised by this, since our prices are so low. What could she be thinking?

We have a wide selection of computers:  Windows 10, Windows 7, and yes, even Windows XP if you need to run old software.  We have desktops, laptops, and even All-In-Ones. We also have monitors, keyboards, and all kinds of cords, adapters, speakers, etc…everything you are looking for!

Christmas is coming! Yes I know, –  bad word –  but imagine if you could get all your Christmas shopping done before Christmas comes along. BOOM! There, I said it, let’s just cross some things off our lists, people!

She likes to make sure the fine people of our area have computers because well, everyone needs a computer.  Ya just can’t function in life without one!

She knows it is often difficult to come up with the extra cash for a computer, so she is making sure we have some really good deals! These deals are amazing, because I was scoping out the competition, and well,



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