In the nine years that I have worked here we have never changed our hours!

It is happening now.

The reason? YOU! Let me clarify.

One of our most frequent complaints in Siskiyou County had been that most local businesses have limited hours, and people cannot make those hours, because they are working. This seems to be the case with most local “downtown” businesses, but we also have heard the same.

A great deal of thought went into our store hours. They are the way they are due to the industry in which we work. However, due to increased requests, the bosses have agreed to a trial, to see if extended hours really make sense for us as a business.

So Here it is: Mondays 9-6 Until further notice.

You can bet if you call – most likely I am totally going to forget. This is such a new thing, and I have to beat nine years of repeated M-F 9-5 out of my head.  I am practicing saying Monday 9-6, Tues through Friday 9-5. But don’t hold your breath!

So show some love and stop by during our new extended Open time on Monday Evenings.

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