The Tech has gone CRAZZZY !!!

$40 Off Computer Sale


$40 off?  OMG!  The boss has gone Crazy!

The boss wants to move these computers out of inventory. So she is marking them down from their already low prices.  I was really surprised by this, since our prices are so low. What could she be thinking?

We have a wide selection of computers:  Windows 10, Windows 7, and yes, even Windows XP if you need to run old software.  We have desktops, laptops, and even All-In-Ones. We also have monitors, keyboards, and all kinds of cords, adapters, speakers, etc…everything you are looking for!

Christmas is coming! Yes I know, –  bad word –  but imagine if you could get all your Christmas shopping done before Christmas comes along. BOOM! There, I said it, let’s just cross some things off our lists, people!

She likes to make sure the fine people of our area have computers because well, everyone needs a computer.  Ya just can’t function in life without one!

She knows it is often difficult to come up with the extra cash for a computer, so she is making sure we have some really good deals! These deals are amazing, because I was scoping out the competition, and well,



Back To School Computers from $169


Yreka Mailbox has affordable Back-to-School Laptops and Desktops from $169!

Need a new computer?  Why spend your hard-earned money for a new computer when you can get a refurbished one for less than half the price?  Our laptops come with a 30-day warranty and support.  Yreka Mailbox carries both Windows and Mac computers, plus accessories, cords, and adapters.  We can also repair your current computer for even less!  And if you need a little extra help, we can usually answer whatever questions you might have.

Yreka Mailbox is a full-service computer store!