10% off on Computers and Accessories for Current COS Students!

OMG!  10% COS Student Discount on Computers?!?!


Yreka Mailbox supports the community in all things computer, and wants to encourage learning as much as possible, so we are offering a special discount for COS Students!

This applies to all computers, and accessories such as cords, adapters, books, gadgets, tutoring, etc.  COS Students must present a valid COS Student ID and course schedule showing current enrollment.

We are always here to help with all your computer needs.

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Back To School Computers from $169


Yreka Mailbox has affordable Back-to-School Laptops and Desktops from $169!

Need a new computer?  Why spend your hard-earned money for a new computer when you can get a refurbished one for less than half the price?  Our laptops come with a 30-day warranty and support.  Yreka Mailbox carries both Windows and Mac computers, plus accessories, cords, and adapters.  We can also repair your current computer for even less!  And if you need a little extra help, we can usually answer whatever questions you might have.

Yreka Mailbox is a full-service computer store!  


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